Chichester Marina is somewhere I find myself for at least 36 hours of my week.
The reason for this is the efficiency and reliability of the marina, the staff and the facilities.
As a trader I feel respected by the staff and I also see how they try and make things run as smoothly as possible so we can always get on with our jobs.
Being the second largest marina in the UK can’t be easy but something that has a decent amount of consistency is the beauty of the place.
It’s user friendly really stunningly scenic.
In comparison to some other yards I work in, this place is heaven!

The toilet facilities are top notch and now the yard and the buildings have had a makeover, its just slick.
It’s not cheap to have a berth but I think entering into the world of boat ownership is an expensive past time anyway so berthing costs should be expected.

The restaurant/cafe there has gone from strength to strength and after a slightly shaky start, they’ve found their feet and are really making the best of the location.
The food is decent and something that for me is quite important, they have good coffee!
The staff know me by name and we have some good chats with I’m waiting for my coffee to brew.

The Chandlery is a Marine Superstore branch and proves that it doesn’t all need to be expensive.
I think the days of walking into a Chandlery and taking out a mortgage for a paper chart have gone now and part of this change could be attributed to places like the Marine Superstore.

Some people will read this and question my motives but it’s plain and simple. With at least 36 hours a week logged in at Chichester Marina the quality of my experience there is paramount.
Sure, I may get a free coffee after a Boat House Boss reads this (unlikely) but that would just reinforce what I’ve written about!

No but on a serious note, the marina deal with over a thousand boat owners, the staff deal with a thousand question, the Boat House pour a thousand drinks and the marine superstore serve a thousand (and more) questions before people buy.
It’s a lot, once I have a thousand questions I’ll write another blog to tell you what it’s like from the other side! Haha

So here’s a shout out to people who I could almost consider my colleagues and I hope that one person reading this will give one of them a shot after my positive and possibly soppy review.