Here’s a debate!

I will start simple, as a trader, the coral worm is a pain, as a boat owner the effects or coral worm can be pretty bad.


Where has Coral Worm come from?

So all facts point the finger of blame at container ships.

It seems that coral worm has been imported on the bottom of container ship, has dropped off in England and seems to like the conditions


Why is Coral Worm worse that it has been?

Well, Chichester Harbour has a relatively large amount of freshwater feeding into it from various sources which improves the salinity and temperature.
From what I can understand, the temperature of the water and the water content increase coral worm growth.


What will happen if I get bad Coral Worm on my boat?

I have had customer report a complete lack of propulsion, expecting gearbox, shaft or propeller issues, the boat is lifted and its been discovered that coral worm has grown so avidly, the prop has no dynamic shape to support a propulsion method. Ie: it’s round like a basketball!


What can I do to stop Coral Worm?

Here’s the thing. It seems coral worm can’t be stopped (from what I have read).
There are simple steps to prevent build up but these require quite regular visits and regular engine runs.
There are differing views on the effectiveness of products. Some say Lanolin based, some say Velox and so on but none of these are necessarily proven in a test circumstance within Chichester Harbour


I intend to carry out some testing which I hope to publish the results of regularly, this will need the harbours permission but I’ll ask and see if we can try and find a solution.
If the report is something you would like to be kept up to date on, send me a message title ‘Coral Worm Study’, include your name and email in the message and I will keep you updated as things progress.