I have recently been talking to a customer about the recent influx of ‘fashion lifting’ as he kindly put it.
The customer in question has owned his boat for 16 years and religously gets it lifted on the same week each year.
He described to me a situation he had noticed regarding other boat owners who see one boat being lifted and begin to wonder if they should do the same.

To be honest I suffer from a self diagnosed form of tunnel vision when I drive around the marina which effectively sees me just thinking about a specific job or issue and therefore I regulalry fail to see things around me.

He asked if I think he should change his lift dates or is his tradition for keeping the same week each year is still valid.

Obviously it’s up to him but my advice was to tell him that we lift the boat for annual maintenance so the fact that we lift it almost exactly a year after the last launch date is surely bang on schedule?

He agreed and things will remain as there are but I suppose I can see why people may worry that they can’t get the spot ashore they would like, etc.
I think the best plan is to ask the marina where the boat is and explain that you wouldn’t want your schedule interrupted and see if they can help.

Well, that’s another question which I’ve managed to answer in a relatively useless non specific way but at least I’ve tried!