Last year I test drove the new Awlwood system.
Here’s an honest review of it which is not endorsed, so I may get in trouble!
It involved worry and concern as most test products do!

The worry comes from applying a new product to something which I consider part of my reputation and hoping the companies selling points come to fruition.

Awlwood is a product which is meant to replace the archaic varnish systems we use.
It’s not something that will come easily to classic boat owners, that’s for sure.
I can see many customers asking why we should change the system we have used for decades when what we achieve with existing products is so good.
I suppose it’s a fair point but really there are a few common issues with varnish that make it a dark art and also a costly experience.

One of the problems if the classic ‘brush marks’ finish which is something I would say scares off 40% of people who see it.
A varnished piece of timber is beautiful, a varnished piece of timber with brush marks in it is flawed.
Awlwood does it’s best to iron out the brush marks for you! There is still an aspect of skill involved but it has certainly upped the consistency of finishes for most people who use it.

Another problem with existing varnish applications is reliability. The general rule of thumb is annual care in my area.
Every year the well cared for yachts have a flat sand all over and another couple of coats applied and then at some point in the future, we strip it all off and start again.
It’s crazy when you think about it but also a great source of repeat custom for me so my next piece of information could snooker me!
The reps who supplied me with the Awlwood test product promoted up to 5 years of protection.
5 years?!
That’s saving some serious money.

The next best thing and I think it’s a massive benefit is that Awlwood (apart from being SUPER flexible) can withstanding polishing.

This is really cutting edge and although the old systems can be fantastic I really do think it’s something you should consider for the next full application process.
There is for me, only one downside.
As a trader who worships his brushes I was disappointed to find that ONLY the Awlwood brush cleaner would clean the Awlwood off. I do understand why but for me it was a little frustrating.
I have booklets for Awlwood so if anybody would like to know more just drop me a line or an email and I’ll get them to you.